How to be polite in business?

Showing politeness reflects a level of professionalism in business. Here are some tips for staying polite in a business world.

1. Use "please and "thank you"

For example:

Can you open the window, please?
Thank you for your help.

2. Avoid making demands and giving instructions

Don`t use phrases like: "I want ..." instead say "I would like...".

3. Apologise

I`m sorry, but Mrs Brown is very busy at the moment.

4. Shake hands firmly and look your acquaintance in the eye.

5. Be mindful of your body language. Always stay calm.

6. Use kind words with no foul language or slang.

7. Try not to talk about yourself too much.

8. Use modal verbs. They make you sound open to other people.

For example:

You may try this.
It would be difficult for us to ... .

Remember ... it always works when you are polite.

Author: Redakcja