Reference letter - referencje przykład

DATE: 3.07.2008

The Challenge School in Poznań.

To whom it may concern,

I confirm that Mateusz Nowak has been employed as a teacher of English to students of physical disabilities in the Challenge School in Poznań, Poland from 1.10.2005. Mateusz Nowak interacts well with co-employees, is patient and has a positive attitude towards life. His work duties include not only teaching, but also personal support and care. All the times I have found Mateusz Nowak to be reliable, dependable, hard-working, and honest. He is extremely dedicated to his students and work. I would happily re-employ Mateusz Nowak as I consider him to be a valuable member of the school team, who is consistently achieving good results and delivering all expectations.

Yours faithfully,

Mary Podlaski,
The Challenge School Director