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Hotel Management Tips For General Managers

Author: Nick Nikolis

Regardless of other responsibilities, and you have plenty, the management of employees in a hotel setting is the most crucial and the most difficult. Knowing how to care for your employee leads to excellent care of customers, and these hotel management tips for general managers will help to steer you in the right direction to care for your employees needs properly.

Your education and experience provided you with a structured picture of what the business end of your hotel requires, and you continue to enrich yourself through additional training, seminars and workshops.

Employee needs are much more basic, and while your first idea may be to give your employees raises and benefits to make them happy, employees expect only respect, honesty, recognition, job enrichment, and feedback to feel fulfilled. Employee morale is emotion based. Here are some management tips to help you as general manager.

Hotel Management Tips for General Managers #1:
Get out of your office. Employees need to feel connected to their managers, and it is difficult to create this connection and trust with someone who is always behind closed doors. It is important to be visible!

Hotel Management Tips for General Managers #2:
What are you good at? Focusing on your strengths will make your job fulfilling and give you the recognition you deserve. Putting a primary focus on your weakness will only take the pleasure out of your job. No one looks forward to doing things they aren't great at.

Hotel Management Tips for General Managers #3:
Don't wait. Don't put off important discussions, meetings, or the elimination of employees. The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to face the challenges that you've been putting off.

Hotel Management Tips for General Managers #4:
The right qualities make the right hires. Do not hire employees who do not suit the job you are hiring for. It becomes a waste of your time and theirs and can jeopardize the morale of others.

Hotel Management Tips for General Managers #5:
Problems are opportunities! Every obstacle you face can lead to amazing breakthroughs, so never see issues as a problem. Looking for the opportunity to learn and grow from it.

Hotel Management Tips for General Managers #6:
When employees feel challenged to produce, you will get the best results. Create fun competition to encourage your employees to excel better than where your numbers currently are.

Hotel Management Tips for General Managers #7:
Quality service is what customers expect, so caring for your employees will ensure that your customers are well taken care of. Happy employees provide quality in their work.

Hotel Management Tips for General Managers #8:
Don't gloat about your success. As a General Manager, it is important to know that your success comes directly from the success of your employees and the way they handle the customers. Praise your employees when you're doing exceptionally well and it will show that you appreciate working with them.

Hotel Management Tips for General Managers #9:
Mistakes shouldn't just be cleaned up. The proper management of your hotel should include eliminating as many mistakes as possible to ensure that your hotel is running to the best of its ability.

Hotel Management Tips for General Managers #10:
Listening and communication is key! As General Manager, it is important to listen and communicate effectively with employees, associates and customers in order to foresee any challenges and find solutions.

Hotel Management Tips for General Managers #11:
How are you caring for your employees? Listen to your employees needs, give them feedback on what they can do to improve their production, and provide them with training to help them grow.

Hotel Management Tips for General Managers #12:
Attention to the details creates success. As General Manager, it is important to pay attention to the details that go into the daily maintenance of the hotel environment. When you pay attention to details, you can catch any obstacles as they occur.

Hotel Management Tips for General Managers #13:
"Reprimand in private, praise in public." Employees want respect most of all, and calling out your employees mistakes in front of their co-workers belittles them and takes down their respect.

Building this appreciation in your employees is priceless.

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About the Author:
Nick Nikolis is living and working in Rhodos Greece and writing about Self help, Business, Hospitality Industry and destinations. Check here Cyprus hotels and Greece Villas.
Dodano: 2009-03-06 19:29:26

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