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Oslo The City Of the Vikings

You want to pack your holiday with as much fun and culture as you possibly can so that you really get your money`s worth.

One such place to consider is Oslo the capital city of Norway and home to the biggest city and port. The city is steeped in history and culture and is also one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. In terms of architecture, Oslo offers a unique blend of old and new from Viking-inspired castles to modern glass skyscrapers.

One such place to find out about the Norwegian city`s culture is at the Norwegian Folk Museum. This is more than just your average museum. In fact, it is more like a huge park, with 150 original buildings from around Norway. The biggest attraction is the ancient church which was built over 800 years ago. The open-air museum also includes indoor exhibitions. This is better for the winter months when the outdoor temperatures often drop far below zero. The summer months allow for folk dances every Sunday and this is one way you can get close and personal with the amazing Norwegian culture.

The Viking Ship Museum is a must-see for any marine vessel enthusiast or even if you are just interested in history. This museum is a quick bus ride from the Fold Museum. Here you will be able to see three of the rarest sights in the world three original Viking ships that date back over 1000 years. You can also find out anything you have ever wanted about the Viking culture with exhibitions and displays of ancient artifacts.

Another museum you should consider visiting is the Barnekunst Museum which is perfect for if you are travelling with children. This museum will give your kids a dose of fun and culture in a very entertaining environment. Not only are there pieces of children`s art from around the world displayed, but children are also encouraged to create their own masterpieces in the art areas provided.

Finding accommodation in Oslo is not a hassle if you book early enough. The city is home to all the top international hotels so you will be able to find some familiarity. If you are travelling on a more modest budget then you should think about renting a holiday apartment. In this way, you can provide accommodation for your family or group of friends for less. The summer months are the better months to visit Oslo due to the fact that you will find more people outside. Winters can be cold, but not unbearable.

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