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Advantages of Teaching English in Another Country

Author: A Nutt

Teaching English in a foreign country can be both a challenge and rewarding experience. There are a number of benefits to sharing one's knowledge of the English language in another country. The following is a list of the many advantages of teaching English abroad:

Living and teaching in a foreign country allows you lo learn and absorb another culture. It is a rewarding way of learning about the language, customs, and history of another country. You will gain valuable insight into the lives of regular citizens and experience their various holidays, festivals, cultural events, and food. You will most likely be living in an apartment or renting home so you will be immersed in the culture performing such tasks grocery shopping, taking public transit, eating in various dining establishments, and engaging in various local activities.

It is a rewarding experience to help others learn English. Students will also gain a better understanding of your own culture. They will learn about your customs and practices as well as other activities they would not learn from a textbook.

It looks great on a resume. It helps improve organisation skills, interpersonal skills, and management skills. It also shows prospective employers that you are flexible, willing to try new things, accepting of other cultures, and you have the ability to adapt to a new environment. .Knowledge of another language is a definite asset in the workplace.

You will likely bond with your students and make long lasting friendships. You will witness a positive difference that you make in the lives of your students.

Training to be a foreign English teacher is not a difficult process. A Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate (TESL) usually takes about 100 hours to complete. The certificate program is relatively inexpensive and after completion, most schools will help you locate the appropriate teaching position.

If you want to see the world, teaching English abroad is a great career choice. You will be able to travel throughout the country and visit various cultural and historical places. It is a fun way to learn. Paid teaching positions also provide an inexpensive way to travel to a different country.

Wherever you teach, you will meet other teachers that will help you overcome any "culture shock" issues. Your coworkers will speak English so you will not have to worry about having problems communicating.

English teachers are in great demand in many countries around the world. To be a successful foreign English teacher, you must be independent and self-sufficient. You must also have great interpersonal skills that will help you adapt to a new environment. Teaching the English language to students in another country can be rewarding and a fun way to earn a living. You will be representing your country and culture so students will be eager to learn from you. Having an open mind will allow you to experience life in your new country personally and the chances are great that you will feel right at home.

Teaching English in a foreign country has become a popular choice for both young people and older adults. For many people, teaching English in another country is a job that they do for only a year or two. However, there are other teachers who make it a life long career traveling to a variety of countries for a specified period of time. These teachers make a good living and provide for their families. Those who have experienced life as an ESL teacher come away with experiences that last a lifetime.

Article Source: Advantages of Teaching English in Another Country

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