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Body language and job interview

Seems to you that suitable qualifications, good education or wide experience are enough to gain an ideal job? You’re wrong! If you do not present yourself properly during the job interview - you can lose everything. Representativeness, words selection, tone, reliability and finally body language are the main keys to success.
Unfortunately many people do not take heed on their gestures and the way of moving. And yet, a nonverbal communication is something what reflects your personality, shows what kind of worker you may be and the most important-
is an incredibly vital element of job interview deciding about your future position. However, if you figure out all the secrets of ‘nonverbality’ – be sure that you possessed an unbeaten weapon ready to use against your potential employer.
Beneath, you will find several tips that may help you to govern your body language.

1. Hands arrangement

First of all, watch out your hands arrangement! If the company looks for energetic and resourceful people- your movements should be quite abrupt and speed what means that you are a combative, go-ahead person. However, if the employer prefers consequence and reliability- put your hands on the knees basically. In addition, if you want to arouse honesty- show the internal side of your palms. It really works!

2. Handshake

The way in which you shake hands is decisively a matter of the first impression that is why you should take care of it particularly. The handshake is supposed to be quite strong and resolute what suggests that you are a determined and forceful personality. The employer will perceive you as a businesslike and enterprising companion and that will increase your chances to be hired.

3. Nice gesture

Job candidates should burst with enthusiasm in reference to the future position.
Despite of being professional, remember to preserve some openness and your interlocutor will treat you as a reliable partner.

4. Eye contact

Absolutely keep an eye contact! If you avoid looking at your interlocutor’s eyes it may suggest that you hide something or simply that you are a helpless and weak person. Such contact is a very important aspect of conversation and keeping it for longer time may convince the employer that you are a focused, pragmatic person.

5. Body’s position

It is advised to make some movements during the job interview that is why try not to be so rigid and tense and change your legs’ or hands’ position from time to time. However, exaggerated laxity causes that a candidate seems to be too pretentious and affected.

6. Face

Touching parts of face may indicate some king of cheating attempt that is why avoid covering it with hands. Watch out your mouth especially! Covering that part of face insinuates that you may hide something. Remember that employers look for reliable and trustworthy workers!

Author: Agnieszka Kosydar

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Dodano: 2010-01-19 20:03:49
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