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From kitsch to bestseller

"A breathtaking, marvellous work involving one of the most romantic love stories of last times" such and similar opinions I could hear about doubtfully great book called Twilight. The citations have come from everywhere- impressed friends, wide read press, popular radio stations and TV- everybody literally adore that trivial and naive story about ‘passionate’ romance between vampire and one teenage chick. As a devoted vampire literature fan, I decided to reach that book such glorified by everybody around without demur. And it was my mistake... So many days, so many lost and priceless moments spent above probably the corniest bestseller of all times! Unfortunately it’s too late. I’ve become a next human being that has plowed through that never ending and dull romance and I’m not proud of it.

Well, obviously I could have throw away all that charade with the 4-part saga on the heels of reading the first one but something told me not to give up so easily. In addition there occurred some extra factors that forced me somehow to continue the struggle with Twilight. The first of all, the saga was a present. And don’t you think that dumping gifts is a little bit discourteous? Secondly, the novel was the only one book in English version that I have possessed and I thought that reading it in original version would improve my English. The last reason was the willingness to try to fight with the enemy- because if I want to criticize something, firstly I have to get know with it. And I really wanted to throw a mud at that biggest bestseller mistake of last years. Otherwise, as I’ve mentioned before I’m a keen vampire literature reader and I really couldn’t resist the next story about exceptional beings that vampires are. Unfortunately in this case bloodsuckers are decisively not such captivating and charming heroes that I used to read about. To make clear all those prosecutions related to Twilight I should justify the motives that drove to such harsh judgment. So, let’s start! Thus, the biggest fault of the author is the fact that she didn’t manage to create even a pinch of action. Oh, I’m sorry! She did. At the end of the book we are the witnesses of some struggle between the main hero and his adversary- everything in the name of love. Exactly! The love that is a main subject in here becomes flattened to blase, exaggerated feeling. Never ending, pseudo- romantic babbles of main heroes about their boundless love could drive crazy even such a patient person as Buddha! How many times can I read about the fact that they really love each other, that they’re able to sacrifice their own lives to rescue the beloved?? Dear Edward- we have already known that you love your Bella. Now we want something more. Maybe some action? Something that could make readers feel interested in the plot? Unfortunately dear reader, if you look for something like that- you will not find it. Through almost 400 pages you will be sentenced to read about the fact how big affection connects that both ‘exceptional’ souls. Only at the very end you will have an opportunity to experience the bravery of the main hero who rescues his sweetheart from danger. With the next parts of Twilight everything goes even worse! The book becomes longer and therewith- more floppy. What’s the worst, in the second part, Edward- a bloody handsome vampire, disappears for a half of book. The main subject of desire of million of teenagers vanishes into clear air- so what for read it further? For Bella? A clumsy, helpless girl that can’t even walk through the street without slipping?

And what about the model of love that the author conveys to us? This is not love! The love is not a rigorous symbiosis, a selfish enslavement which makes you separated from the rest of the world. The love is a partnership- not slavery. And in this case this feeling actually seems to be a kind of such bondage, demonic addiction that parts away the main heroine from the surrounding.

Where are those fascinating, irresistible, gothic vampires that Anne Rice (an author of among the others Interview with the vampire) used to write about? I want those strong, insuperable vampires with all their existential anxiety and romantic reflections! I want that smart, mature heroes enchanting by their uniqueness and grandeur!

To end my malicious reasoning, I just want to justify that my aim was not to harm anybody’s taste or likings. I realize myself that there are decisively more supporters of Twilight than its opponents and it’s really hard to criticize something adored by the majority. Even so, it’s still difficult not to complain when you see that a total daub becomes a bestseller. It’s just the fact that nowadays more and more creations of pop culture are so hopeless and trivial makes feel so anxious. We, as humans- intelligent, thinking beings have right to use that mental, superior culture. Unfortunately present conditions, media and people responsible for creating entertainment seem to refuse us the right to enjoy that what we deserve.

Autor: Agnieszka Kosydar

Dodał/a: Redaktor
Dodano: 2009-09-04 17:17:24
Wyświetleń: 3857
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