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International English Language Jobs

Many employers throughout the world are offering English language jobs of varying types to people who speak and write well in English.

English language teachers – this has to be the most common type of English language job offered nowadays. English language teachers are in demand throughout the world, particularly in countries where English is not the first or second language spoken by their citizens. Teachers are needed to help non-English speakers to learn a certain level of proficiency in English needed for their educational or occupational requirements. For example, some English language teachers have to teach Business English in companies so that employees can converse with corporate clients.

Translators – to be a translator, one must be proficient in two languages. The first language is, of course, English. The second language is usually the native tongue of the host country where the translator will be based. The point in being proficient in two languages is so the translator can assist individuals who may not understand speakers in either language. For example, if you are a English-Japanese translator, you may help English businessmen communicate with potential Japanese partners or vice versa.

Interpreters – this is just another word for the same job that a translator holds.

Consultants – this is a blanket term for a wide variety of English-language-based jobs. For example, some universities seek bilingual consultants to help them develop educational programs for foreign students. Office staff may also have to be bilingual if they are to be based in the host country, but will require English proficiency skills to communicate with English-speaking clients and guests.

Media positions – in this era of globalization, many companies require bilingual staff who will help them in managing international operations. For example, if you speak English and Russian, you might be hired by an international media organization and report news from Russia. Media personnel often have to act as translators as well in this case.

Proofreaders – though this is a rather specialized industry, there is still demand for such people. Generally, proofreaders must also be bilingual as well, with a high level of proficiency in English, to meet the demand from international clients. A proofreader has to spot errors in grammar and vocabulary usage in certain documents.

Freelance writers – freelance writers come in varying types, depending on their field of specialization. For example, if you have a computer technology background and speak English very well, you could market yourself as a writer for articles devoted to computer technologies. You might even say you specialize in articles about HTML language. Freelance writers who have a field of specialization command better rates than freelance writers who can only write about general interest topics.

Office personnel – these also come in different types. For example, a company may need secretaries, typists, and clerks who speak English relatively well. If you are bilingual, you may be employed by a foreign or international organization.

As you can see, English language jobs vary from job to job. It helps if you are proficient in another language as well so that your options increase accordingly.

Article Source: International English Language Jobs

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