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LOVE - out of date?

Nowadays, we live in the world whose pace is increasing day after day. Everybody wants more, faster and in a shorter way. In this incessant rush, we forget about what counts most in the life and deprive ourselves of great happiness which is love.

At present times being in love, having successful relationship with a partner or even worse, being married is considered as one's weakness and is the example of being unable to cope with life. Tabloids and magazines create the image of 'successful singles'. These are so called 'ego fans' - people who succeeded in life because they were singles. They drive fancy cars, have fashionable clothes and the most modern gadgets, high social status. Everybody likes them because they are sooooo cool. They are not familiar with the notion of depression, their lives are just perfect. Relantionship? Maybe but not for long (generally relationship for them comes down to sex, the possibility to raise thier physical fitness or release the tension after the whole week). Marriage? Never. What is more, this image is expanding, we can read articles in many magazines for young women which give pieces of advice on how and by what replace proximity of another man, they want to prove that the success is at your hand provided that you are single. Following this 'propaganda' we are acting against our nature. From the biological and psychological angle, human being is regarded as a social creature. From time immemorial people were looking for each other. Thus, being lonely is not a natural state for any man. Latest research showned that a successful marriage has a positive influence on the heath of spouses. Terms of endearment, stroking, cuddling are the cure for depression and the key for longevity. Marriage provides spouses with stability, security, we feel needed. These factors boost self - esteem, we become more open and able to cooperate with others more willingly. People who are single are more likely to be intolerant than others. They are not used to taking somebody else's opinions or preferences into consideration. They are not taught the great art of give - and - take. At work, singles may encounter many problems which would stem from not being able to reach at a compromise with co - workers. Seeing everything from the angle can trigger serious obstacles to form a relationship with other people.

I appeal to your common sense, do not take 'axioms' from second - rate tabloids for granted, do not believe in them blindly. Take each article with a pinch of salt. At present, we live in the world of mass media like Internet, television, radio. It happens very often that we are manipulated by them. Some pseudo values are promoted in order to achieve some consumerist purposes. I encourage everyone to try to find one's own way, set one's own hierarchy of importance, do not let anybody lead you astray. It is really hard not to go crazy when you are inundated with hundreds of advertisements every day, which offer you more, faster and in a shorter way if you meet their requirements. Do not be a sitting duck, do not limit yourself to reading only tabloids, become interested in science, philosophy, literary masterpieces - it is much more demanding but it will give you more satisfaction and prevent you from taking up the path of stupidity and living in ignorance.

Author: Martyna Somerlik

Dodał/a: Redaktor
Dodano: 2009-01-23 20:00:50
Wyświetleń: 2187
Wydruków: 788

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