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Nonverbal communication - what is it ???

There is some truth in the old cliche: actions speak louder than words. Spoken language is obviously important to communicate, but it is not the only way of communicating. People can communicate in different ways. One of the most interesting ways, of course, is through body language (in other words, nonverbal communication). Body language can tell a lot about each person if it is carafully observed, and then interpreted. The truth is that it must be interpreted in the contex of one`s lifestyle, cultural background, family, or other important factors.

Each person has a limited repertoire of gestures. Our gestures tell something about us when we are not able or willing to communicate verbally. There are many nonverbal gestures. For instance, when it comes to openness and confidence our hands are very often open. We behave in a relaxed way, do not slouch. Body is positioned toward others. Head nods are more affirmative. We smile, look pleasant and genuine.

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