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about approximately
to accomplish to achieve
to accumulate to build up
to administerto manage
to admit to confess
to annoy to irritate
to answer to reply
anyway besides
to appear to seem
applicable relevant
appreciable considerable
arise occur
aromatic fragrant
to arrive to reach
association organization
to assure to guarantee
attractive appealing
backbone spine
to begin to start
to behave to act
belly stomach
beneficiant generous
bizarre weird
blameless innocent
bloodbath massacre
branch department
brave courageous
business commerce
busy (telephone) engaged
candy sweet
to categorize to classify
chiefly mainly
to chop to cut
citation quotation
class lesson
clerk receptionist
to close to shut
to collapse to break down
to collect to gather
comfort consolation
comic comedian
commencement graduation
complete total
conflict clash
to confuse to mix up
to connect to associate
considerate thoughtful
contemporary modern
contrary opposite
to cope to manage
correct right
deceptive misleading
dedicated committed to
deliberate planned
deliberately intentionally
delicate fragile
to demostrate to protest
denims jeans
to desert to abandon
destiny fate
to differentiate to distinguish
disappear to vanish
disaster catastrophe
to disclaim to deny
to disclose to reveal
discount reduction
disgrace shame
dull (person) stupid
eager keen
earth soil
ecocnomic profitable
egocentric selfish
to elevate to raise
to promote to emphasise
to emphasize to stress
enormous huge
especially particularly
essential fundamental
to establish to set up
everlasting eternal
exceptapart from
to expire to run out
to explode to blow up
extra additional
fanatic enthusiast
fantastic great, brilliant
to float to drift
foolish silly
forehead brow
to foretell to predict
fortunate lucky
fragrance perfume
to function to operate
garbage rubbish
gay homosexual
to glitter to sparkle
to grab to seize
handsome good-looking
happily fortunately
homicide murder
hunger starvation
to hurry to rush
to illuminate to clarify
to illustrate to demonstrate
impolite rude
inconsiderate thoughtless
indisputable indeniable
infantile childish
innocent harmless
to inspect to examine
instinct intuition
instructions directions
intellectual mental
to intend to mean
jealous envious
joy delight
lacking missing
leading main
lucid clear
mackintosh waterproof
madness insanity
to maintain to preserve
manmade artifical
material fabric
matters things
maybeperhaps, possibly
in the meantimemeanwhile
measure degree
to migrate emigrate
miserable depressing
misery distress
misread misinterpret
missing lost
modern contemporary
movie film
murderer assassin
nameless anonymous
napkin serviette
necessary essential
nightfall dusk
to nominate to appoint
non-stop continuous
to operate to function
organic biological
ornament decoration
outside external
pattern sample
poisonous toxic
possibility opportunity
prosperous affluent
to receive to get
religious devout
reminiscence memory
to respond to reply
revolting disgusting
rubbish nonsense
to select to choose
selection choice
self-assured confident
significant meaningful
silly foolish
sincere honest
substantially considerably
suggest propose
today nowadays
unforeseen unexpected
unfortunate unlucky
unlawful illegal
unmarried single
uprising rebellion
to vacuum to hoover
to vary to differ
to visualize to imagine
warrantly guarantee
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