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What if? - that is Cinderella in other words

Everybody knows the story of a "good and pious maiden" and her mean stepsisters. In our minds we used to identify her as a poor victim. But let's take a look at her from the 21st century point of view. Of course her virtues as goodness, politeness and kindness are ageless. But would we really want our children to be so shy, self - contained and in addition to these so tractable? She has the lack of self - confidence and lets people boss her around. Furthermore, she is - let's say it at last - simply a housefrau . She has no ambition except for marrying a prince! Her whole life revolves around a man she hardly knows! I understand, it is hard to come to terms with the fact that the apple of your eye from childhood is just a lame duck. Have you ever pondered over the fact why writers do not show what happens behind: "happily ever after"? Because people like to be conned and loved believing that their lives will change for good and they will find everlasting love - just as Cinderella did. Today, I reveal the secret of "Cinderella's happily ever after" and dispel your illusions, please make sure your children are not close to you, give them chance to joy these few moments of ignorance.

We are at the moment when Cinderella and the Prince are in church . They say sacramental "I do" to each other, fireworks light the sky, everybody smiles. Our main characters are filled with joy and love. But what is on their minds? Well, she thinks (naively of course) that they will be talking about their affection all the day long, reading poems, strolling about park. He is extremely happy because now she has a ring on her finger so he does not have to seek for her favours any more. He can be a miser again, he can forget about stupid staff like: buying flowers, letting her go through the door first, changing socks every day etc. They enter the castle. The staff is ready to welcome the newly married couple. And... the charm is gone. Cinderella starts: "Why the chambermaids are so beautiful, young and so scantily dressed!" (as we all know she has worn rags her whole life so now she has complexes). He answers: "But Honey these are the requirements from Health and Safety Inspector! They have to be young so as to work more efficiently! Besides, the air - conditioning will be invented in hundreds of years so low necklines prevent chambermaids from overheating", says the Prince. He kisses her and she believes him. Act two: late evening, Cinderella and Prince are getting ready for their first night together. Cinderella puts away her make - up ( she wants to be natural, she read in a magazine that men like it) and goes to bed. And... the charm is gone again. "How do I look?", asks Cinderella. "Hmm... differently", answers the Prince. "It means: better or worse?". "Of course better Ho..honey", he stutters. "Tell me the truth!", she insists. "Ok, I prefer you wore make - up because without it you look so unremarkably". Kick! "I'll be sleeping in a guest room!", says offended Cinderella. "But Honey it's our first night!", says the Prince almost crying. " Get stuffed!", shouts back Cinderella. After 5 years they have 6 children. Cinderella swears vehemently the day when she lost her silver slipper. She does exactly the same things she had done before she met the Prince. With one exception: now, even the Fairy Godmother cannot help her. Spells do not work on everyday routine of a marriage. Besides all these things, the Prince has put on some weight , he has got thinning hair and his courtesy leaves a lot to be desired. The charm is gone for good.

Times changed. Nowadays, we need different types of heroines. Something more than two - dimensional, plastic characters. Now, protagonists must be vivid, outline the complicity and diversity of the world, different shades of grey. They have to inspire children to further quest. The present world requires something more than being "a good and pious maiden" from current "Cinderellas" . They have to be assertive, taught how to deal with problems like: peer pressure, drags taking, sexual abuse. It happens very often that "the Prince" is receded into the background. Girls put job career at the top of their hierarchy of importance. That is why Cinderella became out - of - date as a role model for 21st century little girls.

Autorka: Martyna Somerlik

Dodał/a: Redaktor
Dodano: 2008-12-30 13:59:51
Wyświetleń: 5327
Wydruków: 1359

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