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General English

16) LOVE - out of date? » 2009-01-23
Nowadays, we live in the world whose pace is increasing day after day. Everybody wants more, faster and in a shorter way. In this incessant rush, we forget about what counts most in the life and deprive ourselves of great happiness which is love.
17) I am a visual learner and you? » 2009-01-23
"Intelligence" is a keyword in the modern society which can open many significant doors and put you on a pedestal. Contemporary education system focuses mostly on Verbal and Mathematical Intelligence;
18) "Love is in the air" » 2009-01-12
'Love is in the air' we can hear in the song. Throughout the centuries, the notion of love became very significant for people of different age, colour and religion. But what is love? Everybody seeks for it but nobody exactly knows what it is.
19) Troszkę o popkulturze… » 2008-12-30
I can get no satisfaction!”- śpiewali za czasów rewolucji kulturalnej lat 60-tych Rolling Stone’si w proteście wobec wszechobecnej popularyzacji określonych zachowań krępującej młodych bojowników o wolność przed wyrażaniem własnego...
20) Polacy za granicą, czyli jak polubić Dodę » 2008-12-30
Ktoś niegdyś powiedział, że podróże kształcą… Czyż nieprawdą zdaje się być fakt, że dzięki odkrywaniu świata człowiek rozszerza swe horyzonty myślowe...
21) What if? - that is Cinderella in other words » 2008-12-30
Everybody knows the story of a "good and pious maiden" and her mean stepsisters. In our minds we used to identify her as a poor victim. But let's take a look at her from the 21st century point of view.
22) Top 10 Best Forms of Entertainment for Men » 2008-11-30
We are fortunate in South Africa to be blessed with stunning weather, a diverse environment and first-world amenities, so top notch entertainment is not hard to come by. Here`s a brief look at the top 10 forms of entertainment for the men in our lives...
23) Wskazówki do nauki języka obcego » 2008-11-30
24) How to Improve Your English? » 2008-11-30
Getting a good command over English or any language for that matter, is not a child`s play.
25) Improving Concentration » 2008-11-30
No one would argue that concentration is a must in each activity one`s undergoing, in work and daily life.
26) Why Should You Learn the Japanese Language? » 2008-11-30
Japan is one of the most densely populated countries in the world with a total population of 127 million.
27) Nonverbal communication - what is it ??? » 2008-11-30
There is some truth in the old cliche: actions speak louder than words. Spoken language is obviously important to communicate, but it is not the only way of communicating.
28) Rap Music From the Past to the Present » 2008-11-30
The origin of rap started sometime in the mid 1970`s in communities thriving with people of African American and Hispanic descent who were music performers in New York city.
29) Science of Learning and Foreign Languages » 2008-11-30
Learning a foreign language is easier, such as Chinese, when understanding how you learn. The science of learning is based on several theories and include: multiple intelligences, right-brain/left-brain/whole-brain, and brain-based learning.
30) Do we really need homeworks? » 2008-11-30
Homework is a school work that teachers give to pupils to do at home after lessons. Homeworks can be different.

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