American Slang - Słynne skróty z przykładami.

and – ‘nMary’n Bob
are – ‘rWe’r at school.
are you – yaWhat ya doing?
can – c’n I c’n do this.
give me – gimme Gimme that bag!
going to – gonna I’m gonna buy this dress.
got to – gottaShe gotta sleep.
don’t know – dunno I dunno.
did you – didja/dja Didja come there?
because – ‘cause I don’t go there ‘cause I don’t like them.
have to – hafta I hafta go home.
want to – wanna I wanna drink something.
out of – outtaGo outta the bank!
sure – sher Sher, I agree.
to – ta I don’t know what ta do.