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During the visit in Georgian capital, American vice- president Joe Biden, ensured that US government is...
2009-07-28 18:00:33

The spectacular scam took place between the boundaries of Uganda and Kenya where false businessmen set up a bank that had no legal validity to carry out any transactions.
2009-07-28 17:52:58

The deficit of public finances has to be reduced to 3% until 2012 year- such statement announced European Commission...
2009-06-26 16:16:48

Dubai investors are going to build the biggest airport in the world that is to attract as many as 160 million of travelers each year!
2009-06-12 09:51:15

Moscow ordered an importation ban related to milk and all milk products coming from Belarus.
2009-06-07 18:54:09

Considering the fact that in ten years Polish authorities are going to built nuclear power station the government decided to appoint a commissioner for nuclear energy.
2009-05-19 23:53:51

Exactly such action demanded American government during the ONZ meeting.
2009-05-08 20:44:43

According to the latest surveys the number of the unemployed in the European Union increased to 20 million
2009-05-02 22:07:16

German government announced that the authorities will not abolish the limits that hold on their job market for citizens of ‘new’ countries of the European Union.
2009-04-27 20:03:54

We are going to help the companies which have suffered because of the crisis- such statement announced the politicians debating in a special board devoted to the crisis affairs.
2009-04-20 22:33:10


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  1. przełożona pielęgniarek
    staff nurse
  2. garbarstwo
    tanning industry
  3. kabel
  4. wyrostek robaczkowy
  5. cel działalności spółki
    objects of a company
  6. sala sądowa
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Czasy Angielskie

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