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Consider leasing instead of buying. When it makes sense, why not?
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Przykładowe pytania do egzaminu ustnego

Przykładowe pytania do egzaminu ustnego

  1. Do you think that good looks can be a source of happiness?
  2. Why do some people tend to read horoscopes regularly and believe what they can find in them? Give several reasons?
  3. How can children be encouraged to learn? Give examples.
  4. Do you personally agree with the statement that childhood is the best and happiest time of one’s life?
  5. Which institution affects children more: school or family?
  6. What in your opinion are the qualities of an ideal neighbour?
  7. Why do people decide to go vegetarian?
  8. Why do some people choose extreme sports?
  9. Give advantages and disadvantages of doing shopping at small local shops.
  10. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Explain the meaning of this proverb.
  11. Which is better? Attending a sports event or watching it on television? Why?
  12. "Traditional school is better that e-learning". Do you agree with the statement?
  13. Give some examples of popular television programmes. Do they have any educational value?
  14. Some people decide to keep exotic animals as pets. Do you think it is a good idea?
  15. To what extent does American culture influence our Polish culture? Give some examples.
  16. Do you believe there are any other civilisations in the universe?
  17. "Computer games destroy social contacts". Do you agree with the statement?
  18. What are the reasons why people decide to migrate to other countries?
  19. Do you think that Japanese can be an international language in the future?
  20. Give disadvantages of eating fast-food.

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  1. detal
  2. lej samowyładowczy
  3. apteczka pierwszej pomocy
    first aid kit
  4. migdałki
  5. uruchomić komputer ponownie
    to restart
  6. wirnik
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Czasy Angielskie

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