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… and I pronounce you husband and wife - wedding customs in the world.

White dress, veil, church, wedding party and lots of guests- mostly such associations connect with vision of getting married.

White dress, veil, church, wedding party and lots of guests- mostly such associations connect with vision of getting married. But what would you say if bride didn’t have any white dress and the rituals were more sophisticated than they show in hundreds of boring and almost identical romantic comedies? Well, wedding traditions obviously depend on the part of world where are celebrated, depend on the culture, mentality, people’s believes and many other factors. The one is sure: wedding is one of the most important events of every human life that deserves special treatment and exceptional setting. And actually nothing remains for me to do but invite you to the journey across world wedding customs!

Original Indian wedding was a very important event for each member of a tribe. Married couple was worn in blue outfits what was the symbol of earlier life and previous experiences. During the ceremony, the spouses were supposed to drink some corn drink and next they had to smash the dish where the liquid was hold. Did the couple have something like honeymoon? Well, not exactly… After the marriage, they owned a kind of privilege that allowed them to spend some time during that they were supposed to get enjoy of themselves and relax at a distance from duties and obligations. In turn, old, traditional Japanese ‘Shinto’ (celebrated from about VII age) used to be arranged in special temples, among lots of relatives. After the marriage, poor couples very often couldn’t live in common homes due to lack of money- there used to occur that the husband visited his wife only at night and already after the parents’ death or giving birth to a child, the wife was able to move into man’s home. Contemporary Japanese weddings differ from that original ones but still they’re full of traditional customs (the partners take a solemn oath, drink Sake, and give to the god a branch from holy tree called Sakaki). Very interesting customs are also associated with traditional Hindu weddings. They can last even a couple of days, always outdoors with special symbols and ceremonies. The couple is worn in white or red sari and the wedding guests should avoid black outfits. What is interesting, that’s the fact that bride’s parents during the ceremony are obliged to wash hands and feet of the young spouses. At the end, the youngsters throw grains of rice to the fire what is supposed to bring them fortune and healthy.

There are obviously more surprising customs that for average inhabitant of civilized world can be quite absurd. Once I’ve read an article where was written that in some Asian or African tribe ( I really don’t remember where exactly it was so please, forget me dear readers) before the wedding ceremony, the bride is led to her future husband home and the women that live there spit at her of goat’s milk and hit her head! The whole action is supposed to cause the bride cry what is the symbol of future marriage difficulties. Original, isn’t it? In this same article I’ve read that in turn in the other tribe, the spouses during the ceremony paint their body black and just after 30 days after the marriage they can wash out the dye and after that consume their relationship…
So, maybe our usual weddings aren’t as exiting and exotic as that previous ones but would you really like to be spitted or to be not allowed to wash for 30 days? Noooooo, we don’t need such sacrifice. Our modern, usual weddings also can be full of remarkable customs. Let’s see… Did you know for example that Greek bride puts lump of sugar to her glove or that in Russia men drink the toast from bride’s shoe what is supposed to guarantee the young couple good luck at the new path of life? Furthermore, in Czech Republic before the proper ceremony bride receives 3 bowls where in one of them is put swallow that flies away what is the symbol of lost freedom.

And our Polish weddings? Well, they’re full of interesting customs. Before the ceremony the groom leaves the home to receive the bride but on his way meets people who prepare something called as ‘ gates’ and as long as the groom will not give to the gathered kids sweets he’s not allowed to pass the gate and go to the bride. Next at bride’s home, the youngsters receive the blessing and further go to church. After the ceremony when the couple leaves the church the guests throw smaller money towards the bride and groom. The spouses are supposed to get the money. After that all go to the wedding party room where the couple is welcomed by their parents who keep in their hands bread and soil. After that they are supposed to try a shot of drink and smash the glass into floor. Next they tidy it up, dance as the first and furthermore all the guests go to consume some meal. The party lasts even till morning during that guests have fun, eat, dance and play some games. Obviously, at midnight the bride throws her veil to all unmarried women and the groom his bow-tie to all unmarried men and the couple that catches them is supposed to dance with each other.

So, as you see wedding customs are various. Every country, every nation has its own traditions. However, no matter how hard you try and how many superstitions you obey, the most important is love. If you don’t love your partner, none of the superstitions will provide you happy and successful married life.

Author: Agnieszka Kosydar

Dodano: 2009-02-22
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