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English Tip

Go working abroad. People working there don't always have the perfect English proficiency, but you will get used to the language and speaking will become less stressful.

Business Abbreviations - skróty w angielskim biznesowym

Skróty w angielskim biznesowym.
A.P.accounts payable
B/V book value
BTBusiness Travel book before delivery
C/N credit note
D/Ndebit note
D/Odelivery order
ECUEuropean Currency Unit delivery to dock
ARPUAverage revenue per user
B2B Business to Business
BDBusiness Development
BFG Business Fusion Group
BIG Business Industry And Government
B2C Business to Consumer
CAO Chief Accounting Officer
CAPEXCapital Expenditures
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CFA Chartered Financial Analyst
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CISACertified Information System Auditor
CMO Chief Marketing Officer
COB Close Of Business
COGSCost of Goods Sold
COO Chief Operating Officer
CSO Chief Security Officer
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CTO Chief Technology Officer
FP&AFinancial Planning & Accounting
GPGross Profit
HRHuman Resources
IBU Independent Business Unit
IEInterest expense
LLC Limited Liability Company
NAV Net Asset Value
POPurchase Order
PP&EProperty, plant, and equipment
P&L Profit and Loss
R&DResearch and Development
ROI Return on Investment
SG&ASales, General, and Administrative expenses
SOHOSmall Office/Home Office
TCO Total Cost of Ownership
WCWorking Capital

Dodano: 2009-03-29

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