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English Tip

If you are going to quit your business, think about what you can do after. Maybe you will start another business or become a teacher?

Describing People / Places / Buildings

Physical characteristics:

Height:short, tall, of medium height
Build:well-built, quite muscular, skinny (wychudzony), plump,
Age: teenage, middle-aged, old, young
Complexion:pale, tanned,
Hair: short, thick, wavy, curly, shoulder-length
Eyes: slanting, hazel (piwne), sparkling (błyszczące)
Nose: crooked (krzywy) .................... crooked teeth
Lips: thin, full
Special features:tatoo, freckles (piegi), wrinkles (zmarszczki), mole (pieprzyk), childlike appearance, rosy cheeks
Clothes: (un-) fashionable, out of date
She/He is wearing.........................

Personality characteristics:

She/He is........., tends to be..........,seems...............,

Sad- miserable, unhappy, depressed

Frightened- uneasy, scared

Happy- cheerful, excited, joyful, delighted

Sociable- outgoing, extrovert

Shy- reserved, introvert

Imaginative- creative

Brave- courageous

Describing Places/Buildings

I can see...............,; There is........................,

Block of flats
Mansion- rezydencja
Cottage- chatka
Detached house- dom jednorodzinny, wolno stojący
Semi-detached house- dwurodzinny,

Cathedral, theme park (wesołe miasteczko), double-decker buses, golden beaches, the busy street, crashing waves, attic-poddasze, strych (in the attic), jetty-molo, monument, statue, opera house, bridge Capital city, seaside town, spa (uzdrowisko), university town, religious centre, industrial town,

Chemist`s- apteka
Bakery- piekarnia
Newsagent`s- kiosk
Greengrocer`s -warzywniak
Hair & beauty salon - salon fryziersko/kosmetyczny
Florist`s- kwiaciarnia

Cosmopolitan- wielonarodowy (eg. cosmopolitan cities)
Unique- unikalny
Sophisticated- wyrafinowany, wytworny
Spacious- rozległy, wielki (eg. spacious rooms)
Noisy- eg. noisy streets
Sense of security
Fabulous hotel
Open-air (restaurant, pub,.....)
Department store
Antique shops
View of the city
Small, isolated town
Historic, rural, urban, mountainous, hilly
Poor districts

Dodano: 2008-11-30
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