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Does Personality Matter When Running a Business?

In order to run a business you need to have the ability to handle one. You must have certain qualities that will allow you to operate the business without hesitation.

In order to run a business you need to have the ability to handle one. You must have certain qualities that will allow you to operate the business without hesitation. In many cases, in order to run a business you need to have a certain type of personality. This is because research shows that those with certain personality types seem to run business more successfully than those without these personality types. Just what are these personality types or traits that entrepreneurs need in order to run a business and do it successfully?

Here are seven personality traits that seem to be the most predominate of those who have run businesses and were successful in doing so:

The Trailblazer: This type is pushy, competitive, ambitious, and can be very aggressive. They are restless and will not stop until they win. They can be full of energy and it shows in their actions. They are always in the state of urgency when they do things, no matter how small the task may be. They believe that when a task needs to be done it must be done fast. People of this personality trait are also persistent and decisive. They must be in charge in order to be happy and content, otherwise, they will not engage in the business.

Go-Getter: The go-getter likes to dominate over everything. They are driven and like to work alone. They are also very competitive and will not stop doing anything until they succeed in doing it. What really makes the go-getter successful is their initiative. They are creative in the way they solve problems and make great leaders and managers.

Manager: If you are dominate and independent, you can be considered the managerial type. You can also be goal-oriented and like to analyze things around you. You don`t necessarily focus on people as you do on processes and what the outcome will be. But despite this, you are loyal to your employees.

Motivator: If you are a motivator you work well under pressure and can successful work well with others and can drive people to change. Because you are a good motivator, you can also be a good convincer.

An Authority: If you are an authority figure you are the backbone of society. People in authority are the ones who make this world of ours run. They make the products, service our systems, and do it right every time. You succeed in business because you are detail-and tactic-oriented. You always strive to do things right the first time so there is no repeat or failure.

Collaborator: Someone who is a collaborator is very sociable. You can influence others to get what you want. To you it is all about the people. You love working with and communicating with people. In fact, you long for a partnership with some who you can depend on to be the aggressor and work to get things done.

Diplomat: A diplomat is someone who is restless and likes to work under pressure. You are able to work quickly and love to work with deadlines. You can adapt to change and are flexible. You are also a good multitasked person.

As you can see from the above descriptions, there are many personality types that mark whether you can be successful or not. Which ones are you?

Article Source: Does Personality Matter When Running a Business?

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Dodano: 2008-11-30

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