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Letter of complaint. Complaining to a Holiday Company.

Wzór reklamacji dotyczącej nieudanych wakacji.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to complain about the appalling standard of accommodation at the holiday hotel in Mexico I booked through your company.

Firstly, according to your brochure, the hotel was supposed to be a nice and quiet place. However, on our arrival, we discovered that the air conditioning was broken and the television did not work. We had no balcony or sea view, as promised in the brochure. The tiles in the bathroom were cracked, and some were coming away from the wall. The hotel was noisy and the service was very rude.

Secondly, the kitchen was not clean and I found it disgusting. The food was heavy and greasy. All tables were dirty. I was embarrassed and furious.

We complained to your agent, but he did not want to see us. I enclose photographs which show clearly the specific faults.

I look forward to an offer of compensation within 14 days.

Yours faithfully,

Mark Matt

Dodano: 2009-01-30

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