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Should I Choose a Gun, Knife, or Pepper Spray?


I am a registered gun owner and have a 1911 .45 ACP. I believe in the Right to Bear Arms and believe guns should be for defense purposes. However, I DO NOT advocate using a firearm unless you have NO choice. It should only be used as a last resort. ADVANTAGES

  • Most attackers will back off at the sight of a gun.
  • Firearms are highly reliable depending on the training and skill of its user
  • Guns are generally effective in stopping power.
  • Serious consequences to the user
  • Guns require more money, time, and effort to maintain compared to other defense devices
  • An accidental discharge can, and very often results in permanent injury or death.
  • States have strict gun laws, and can turn you into a criminal fast by not adhering to the laws.
  • The use of a gun is generally considered "excessive force" meaning you may have to prove in court that you did not intentionally kill someone. "Many experts agree that when a citizen arms themselves with a gun it is a tragic situation and resulting court case waiting to happen."
  • If your attacker obtains your gun from you, the consequences can be deadly.
  • Guns have been known to "jam" unexpectedly
  • Guns can misfire

Scenario #1

You`re sitting in your car eating a small snack, getting ready to roll up the window and head home. You see a man quickly approaching your driver`s side window. You panic, grab your purse to look for your small handgun while your hands begin to tremble. You`re knocking stuff out as you reach deep, feel the gun, pull it out and as you`re drawing your pistol a man grabs your purse and rips it from you. Thankfully, you have the gun but in a panic you begin to fire several rounds into and towards your attacker. [Several months later...]

You`re now in court trying to prove to the world that you had no choice but to kill the 19 year old kid that was searching for a quick buck so he could eat. You find yourself in court trying to explain to his family and media that he was attacking you, yet your story doesn`t add up because forensics finds that you shot your victim after he stole your purse and was trying to get away. You are now the criminal and you`re life will forever be changed.

This was a made up scenario, but very close to what often happens in gun related defense situations.

Scenario #2

You`re sitting in your car when a man quickly approaches and grabs your arm and orders you to step out of your car. With your other arm, you grab the pepper spray that you keep right there in the middle console, unload it all into his eyes. Within a second or two, the man is now screaming on the ground and you call police, where they apprehend the perpetrator. You are terrified, but ok. And the courts put your attacker where he belongs.

My ultimate advice is that if you get a gun become very familiar with it. Know the laws and abide by them. Get good training and treat your gun with great responsibility.


Stun guns make a great defense device. But there are some disadvantages you need to be aware of when choosing what kind of defense you want to own.

  • Your stun gun requires batteries to work, you must make sure your device works properly
  • As with all defense devices, the stun gun is limited to close body contact. If your attacker produces a club, knife, or gun-you are at a disadvantage however, a good instructor can help you overcome these challenges.
  • Can disable your attacker for 30 minutes or more.
  • Small, and can be disguised as a cell phone, pager, or gloves.
  • Highly effective. It works by stunning your attacker with 50,000 to hundreds of thousands of volts. The voltage causes your attackers muscles to be depleted of blood sugars.
  • In some cases, the electrical charge the stun gun gives off will cause an attacker to flee without further confrontation
  • The charge of a stun gun WILL NOT come back to you if your attacker is grabbing you

Pepper sprays are the defense device of my choice. OC Pepper Sprays are effective against people that are on drugs, psychotic, or cannot feel pain. The reason is because of how the chemical OC (Oleo Resin Capsicum) works. It is not an irritant but rather, an inflammatory agent. The OC dilates the capillaries of the eye and causes temporary blindness, and makes breathing difficult.

  • Pepper sprays can generally shoot an attacker that is 12-20 feet away. That`s enough distance to give you time to get your pepper spray out, aim it, and shoot.
  • Also, pepper sprays hold very little consequences if discharged accidently as opposed to a gun.
  • The shelf life of a pepper spray is usually 2-5 years. You may wonder why that would be advantageous, and the reason is clear-it takes the guess work out of whether the contents of your spray are at optimum potency.
  • Ease of use, just READY, AIM, FIRE!!!
  • Highly effective against attackers, giving you at least 20 minutes to flee
  • There are many kinds of pepper sprays for you to choose from. There are Baton Pepper sprays, Ring pepper sprays, Keychain pepper sprays, and an all new Pepper Gun
  • The 4 types of sprays are stream, cone-shaped mist, fog, and new gel formulations. It really is up to you which you prefer, no one is better than the other.
  • Non-lethal to your attacker and will not permanently disable them.
  • Pepper sprays can be purchased for as little as $15
KNIVES, KUBOTANS, NUNCHAKUS, and other hand held weapons.

Using a knife in self-defense can be effective, but not recommended because you may have to prove in the court of law that you had absolutely NO CHOICE but to use it. Like a kubotan, a knife may be illegal in your area. Some knives are considered projectiles, hence, the reason their called throwing knives. But it too, carries many disadvantages. Unless you`re an expert knife thrower, don`t use it for defense purposes.

Most knives are NOT made to be thrown. The other disadvantage about using knives in self-defense is that knives require combat distance to use it against your attacker. If it fails to subdue him, he may use the knife against you. I would recommend that you carry a knife for utility purposes, but strongly advise you to not use it for defense unless you have been well-trained, and it is your last resort.

The same is for kubotans, clubs, and nunchakus. They all require lots of training and to make matters worse, they are likely illegal to use as defense in your area.

The best advice I can give you.

Perhaps your hands and your feet are all you need if you are being assaulted or attacked. As they say in Martial Arts, your hands become hammers, your feet become spears, and your fingers, knives. Yes, your body and your mind is the best defense you have.

But, I highly recommend seeking out a qualified instructor to teach you how to use your body for defense. If you cannot find the time to get this kind of instruction there are instructional fighting videos so that you can learn some basic, and street skills from the convenience of your own home.

To view those instructional fighting videos go to: http://www.dragondefensesupply.com/fightingvideos.htm

As I was saying earlier, you and your loved ones should NEVER leave home without your pepper spray, or without a strong and prepared mind.

Article Source: Should I Choose a Gun, Knife, or Pepper Spray?

Author: Paul

Dodano: 2008-11-30
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