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Steps to Take Before Hiring a Web Designing Company

The Internet has become such a great thing, especially when it comes down to business minded folks.

The Internet has become such a great thing, especially when it comes down to business minded folks. Many kinds of businesses, especially the smaller ones, became bigger and more successful all because of using the internet to their advantages. eBusinesses has become such a popular trends in the world of business. Electronic Business, commonly referred to as "eBusiness" or "e-Business", may be defined as the utilization of information and communication technologies (ICT) in support of all the activities of business.

Now eBusinesses were not as "cool" as eBusinesses of today. eBusinesses of today has been upgraded, up-dated, and has been brought to the next level, and so as the customers of today. You may fool inspiring customers in the past with even some homemade website trying to pass it as a professional website, but customers of today are not as, shall we say, stupid like in they used to. What they need is some hardcore, professionally built websites. Years of experiencing scams, being ripped-off, cheated on, and swindled, they have learned that credibility must be in-order. Credibility has become the most important feature that websites must posses for customers to start investing their hard cold cash on it.

So it`s very important that if ever you go on and employing the help of some web designing company, that you must first learn how things are going to be processed and handled. That you first must have the slightest idea of things that you will undergo before signing on and applying the services of some web designing company or a freelancer.

Here are some short tips and guides to finding the right designer, asking the right questions, and what to expect when launching a website for your business.

Find the right Web Designing Company for You

They say that in businesses, time is of the essence or time is "Gold". But finding your suitable web designing company must take time. Take your time in reviewing a web designing company`s portfolios, or by asking a friend or some of your colleagues about a specific web designing company. The time you spend on these things is well worth your time if you ever consider the cost of designing a website, only to find your funds quickly going down the drain.

Here`s a tip: If you ever find a website that you like, you could check out what web designing company made it. This information is usually found on the lower parts of a website or on the "contact us" page. If the information is not in the site, then you could talk to who owns that website. It`s more preferable this way because you could ask for information about the web designing company that made their website, if they can work faster or done it within deadline or done it with not too much delay, these are the things that you should look out for a perfect web designing company.

When you do narrow your decision down to a few designers, check out their websites for look and feel, and thoroughly examine their portfolios.

Check out what the Web design Philippines has to offer in providing professional and business oriented websites.

Bring in Some of Your Ideas

Now before signing in on some web designing company, you should first do some research on what kind of website that you would like for your website to look like or the things that you wouldn`t want your website to look like. If you have the ideas you want for what you want your website to look like, then say it, even if you provide the most grotesque looking webpage design on what you want for your website to look like. Don`t forget that you`re working with professionals and designers here; they can easily work around what you want and deliver to you your desired website design. If you don`t give them some direction, they`ll design your website without your permission. And a major redone can cost a lot, all the time spent down the drain I suppose?

Here`s a tip: Don`t go spating out you want the "coolest" looking site. While it`s true that you may want a cool site, you should bring to the table the types of things you imagine to be cool. Because what they think is cool may not look so cool with you. Your designer is there to help you determine the best style for your site, so don`t be afraid to provide specific examples of how you`d like your site to look.

Check out what the Web design Philippines has to offer in providing professional and business oriented websites.

A Blow by Blow Documentation

Getting everything is writing or documented is also important, preferably a blow by blow details. All that you have talked about with your hired web designing company, from what the header must look like or from what the content must look like, must be written or documented. Keep notes during meetings and save every e-mail and written communication.

There may also be some times when things are decided during "casual" meetings. This is to assure that all that have talked about with your hired company is taken seriously. And by tracking these conversations, you`ll have a record to return to if things go off track or off schedule.

Check out what the Web design Philippines has to offer in providing professional and business oriented websites.

A Web Designing Company or Freelance

Now web designing firms or companies are not the only entities that handle these kinds of dirty works. There are also some freelancers that would gladly work for you, for a certain amount of course. Now what do you think is the best between the two? Is it a web designing company or a freelancer?

Now there are also advantages and disadvantages in hiring a web designing company or a freelancer. Freelancers may be less expensive, but you`re limited to receiving only the service that the freelancer is skilled in. If you decide to add a component to your site that your freelancer can`t develop for you, you`ll have to pay someone else to do it, and that`s an added cost. Most designing firms or companies usually employ a wider array of capabilities in order to meet customer requests, and their services are part of the deal when you hire the firm.

Freelancers are harder to locate than web designing company. If you think you would rather use a freelancer than a design firm, return to your friends and colleagues and ask around. If you resort to an online directory or your local telephone book, use the same process of selection as you would a design firm: ask to see samples and a portfolio. However, getting a freelancer recommendation from someone you trust is best. Not all freelancers are created equal, and an impressive portfolio doesn`t convey an individual`s customer service skills.

Check out what the Web design Philippines has to offer in providing professional and business oriented websites.

The Waiting Game

Remember what I said in taking time to check out which is the best web designing company for you? Well when you have hired the perfect web designing company to do your website, waiting is still the name of the game. When you hire a web-design firm to create and launch your business`s website, you`re at the mercy of their busy schedule. You must request that edits and changes be made for you, and they may not be made as quickly as you`d like them to be.

Some web-design firms provide customers with site administration tools that allow you to make simple changes and updates as needed. This type of technology can be more expensive, but worth it if it gives you more control of your site.

Check out what the Web design Philippines has to offer in providing professional and business oriented websites.

Where does Your Money Goes?

Now it`s very important where your funding will go when you start your project. Make sure that you have all the necessary financial documentation on what will be included on your website. You should also determine what`s included in your contract and what`ll cost extra. If you wish to add an e-newsletter sign-up, will it cost more? Will you be charged for every e-commerce transaction? What will it cost to accept credit-card payments on your site? These are the questions you need to ask when negotiating prices and deliverables because you may be responsible for handling some of this on your own.

You should also find out if your website is built from templates or from a scratch. Now many web designers use pre-made templates, which in turn, can bring down the cost of building the website. Web designers who create your site from scratch may actually own the source code, which limits your ability to move the site later on, if you plan to. Be sure to ask your designer up front how he or she intends to build your site, and get written or legal documentation of the ownership source codes so you don`t run into disputes down the road.

Check out what the Web design Philippines has to offer in providing professional and business oriented websites.

Patience My Young Padawan

Now constructing a full business oriented website is not done overnight. These things takes a lot of time, weeks, months, or even years if it`s a website that handles complicated business processes and high-ended online services. Be patient with your designer, but keep track of the agreed-upon schedule.

Here`s a tip: If you have the budget on it, you could hire yourself an attorney versed in eBusiness processes. You`ll need one to write the "Terms and Policies" for the website, as well as proofing the site for any legal complications that may come up.

Now creating a website for your business is a new and profound journey. It`ll bee full of excitement and unexpected benefits. But do take time to make the necessary steps before venturing in. Take the time to do it right the first time, because there is no fun or enjoyment in having to do it all over again if you don`t.

Check out what the Web design Philippines has to offer in providing professional and business oriented websites. Learn more on this with the Optimind Technology Solutions, by visiting .

Article Source: Steps to Take Before Hiring a Web Designing Company

Author: Wendy Ang

Wendy Ang is the president of Optimind Web Design and SEO, a web design and seo company in the Philippines. Optimind specializes in building and promoting websites that are designed for conversion.

Dodano: 2008-11-30

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