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Stress Factor

A short article about stress, what it can do in your life and how to deal with it. A free-to-use article.

A short article about stress, what it can do in your life and how to deal with it. A free-to-use article.

Stress is everywhere now. Some say that it is a natural element of our lives and lack of it may cause serious difficulties in motivation. Again, we must find a fine balance between not-caring and taking loads of work. Perhaps the overload is much more dangerous than having no stress at all. Scientists predict that the overload causes about 90% of all illnesses. As you can easily see, the reason is not infections but simply not coping with your job. There's even more about that: Some psychologists say that all illnesses are not caused by organism malfunction – in most cases these are triggered by overworking and being unable to detach the work from personal life. The teacher's work is on the top of most stressful jobs, with police officer and miner on the second and third place(according to cdc.gov). The answer why is so is simple: Teachers, especially these young find it hard to separate their jobs from private life as they usually have to get a part of their works to home. Quite a majority of people dying from heart attack are connected to stressful and unhealthy jobs.
That's a big deal.
While the most natural solution to avoid stress would be not to take jobs related to it, the situation is not so simple. Even in least stressful jobs are moments when things go south. Dealing with stress is much more important thing than you would ever suspect and people fall in danger when they simply don't think they really can be the ones affected. So I've come with a couple of solutions. The following hacks are kind of compilation of information found in the Internet, but also some good solutions invented by my friends. Enjoy these.
First, let you be comfortable in your place of work. Don't be ashamed to personalize it when you can – often people bring photos of family or simply try to decorate their workplaces. That's an important thing because if you do your best to make your place less boring, you are more likely to come through the working day easily. But talk to your boss first in case he may not like it.
While in-job you may sometimes want to take a deep breath or a cup of a good coffee. People tend to underestimate these small moments but having about a five to fifteen minute break with a friend chat may regenerate your strength wonderfully. Next solution you may consider is finding your hobby. Many people agree that having interests of their own relax and make you interested well enough to forget about their jobs. It's actually hard to define which hobby suits an average one best, so it's actually up to you. While considering a hobby don't forget about sports, even these most extreme. Many experiments have shown that a man needs an adrenaline injection from time to time so if you're thinking about bungee or free run - don't hesitate. For you, it's better to do sometimes something crazy than just sitting bored and watching TV. Next comes yoga. We can speak about many different types of yoga, but it's no real use if we are going to have just some relieve from stress. You can believe me – any yoga relieves from stress. The question only is if you want some lighter types(relaxation schools) or have some bigger experience(prana yoga, kundalini yoga, asana yoga which are not always available in your region). Even if you don't want to spend money you can look over the Internet and find some free relaxation techniques which don't have any requirements to get used. Besides, going to some meditation workshops often means meeting new people.

Generally speaking, to avoid stress, make your mind to learn some new and to do what you really want to do. Apathy comes often when there's too much stress suffered and you lose interest in everything. Seriously, when it appears to be like that – take a few days off and leave things to themselves. Go forests or be just alone. At the end, there are some rules to avoid stress as good as you can: Have a good laugh and don't avoid to make mockery of yourself. Keep a good diet. Exercise mornings. Make sure you sleep long enough. Do enjoyable things. Avoid people or things which you don't feel comfortable with. And most of all: Get rid of so-called time wasters like checking your e-mails or too much phone talking.
Summing things up, when there are matters in your life which make you go bananas, don't be afraid to remove them. Be just with yourself and assertive. Too much mental diseases were caused by unassertiveness and inability to be decisive.

Author: Jacek Pająk

Dodano: 2009-02-09
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