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Maybe not so often in Poland, but other countries respect electronic agreements. Notice that when doing business abroad.

Business trip

You are about to travel. You have a lot to cover. You must pay for a ticket, your housing, food, your travel, being away, the cultural experience, and the list goes on.
Author: alvina

You are about to travel. You have a lot to cover. You must pay for a ticket, your housing, food, your travel, being away, the cultural experience, and the list goes on. Do you want to save money
so you decide not to bother with travel insurance. You are about to journey into the lives of so nothing goes wrong. This unnecessary costs, so you do not need. Wrong. Very wrong. Traveling without insurance may be the biggest mistake when you make your business trip and very expensive.

What is travel insurance? Well, there are two types of insurance to consider when traveling.

1. Travel insurance, (sometimes referred to as travel insurance), which covers cancellation, delay, lost baggage and emergency situations.

2. Travel medical insurance protects you against any medical expenses during the trip.

Ideally, you should mix the two when traveling.

Imagine these scenarios:

You are in Darwin, Australia, when a cyclone hits the area. The city, devastated by the cyclone, and all services shut down. You have to be evacuated and sent home. Your travel insurance will cover you for that. Do you have travel insurance is not it?

Your luggage is missing in India. You need to buy new clothes and quickly. Can you afford it in your budget? Of course you can, you took out a road insurance - do not you?

Or, if you go surfing in Hawaii and take a big wipeout? You are so seriously injured you need major surgery and medical care, and then airlifted home. But that's OK - your travel medical insurance covers all this. You got it, do not you?

Travel insurance to protect you in case of bad will happen on your journey. He is one of the necessary funds. Overseas medical costs can be astronomical, if you are not insured. And if you were injured in developing countries, medical care may not be as good as at home. If you are insured, you can get a flight home and attended a pro bono basis.

Each year, the government considers the thousands of cases of travelers being injury, illness or death abroad. This is an alarming situation for all involved, but even worse, when travelers are not insured, often leaving them with huge bills to pay. Inpatient care in other countries may cost more than a thousand dollars a day. Medical evacuation can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and if you die in Europe, it can cost more than ten thousand dollars to bring her body back home. If you do not need travel insurance to cover these costs yourself (or your family will find the money).

Travel insurance should be budgeted. If you do not take it, your medical expenses could cost much more. Hedge and a safe trip.

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Dodano: 2009-07-28

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