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The Secrets That Negotiator Won`t Tell You - Part 1

Remember the time when the movie " The Negotiator" came blasting onto the big screen? You bet, it co-starred two of my all-time favourite movie heroes - Kevin Spacey & Samuel L. Jackson.

Remember the time when the movie " The Negotiator" came blasting onto the big screen? You bet, it co-starred two of my all-time favourite movie heroes - Kevin Spacey & Samuel L. Jackson. Their riveting acting was memorable, exciting and most of all, thrilling. I thought that was the best movie on the subject of negotiating ever filmed by any screen director. Grab your popcorn, sip your Coke, sit tight and watch it`s not just about the action, it`s about people solving a common problem using powerful negotiation!

How do you know that you have started to negotiate with someone? What are the evidence to suggest that you are negotiating? Is it the long wide table, the high chair of the opposite parties, the agreement forms lying on the edge of the table, the bright lights, the heavy smokes, the daunting clock, the suits, or the Chinese Poker face?

Well, it`s nothing like you see in the movie really.

The real negotiating process starts when you have thought about exchanging your unsatisfied needs with someone whom you believe have control over what you want. Like a product that you desire, a service that you require to help you get to your objectives, or other vital information that will change your outcome. Whatever you want, if you don`t have it, you need to negotiate.

So, you ask, how do I get what I want?

A little secret you have what they need? If you don`t, you have nothing to exchange.

Many a times, when you want to sell some product and services to customers, you assume that you have what they need. How do you know? Did you ask them? Did they voluntarily tell you that? You wonder why they turn your questions upside down like an overnight laundry as though there are dirts all over it. You have told them everything about your product in details, and yet, nothing really excites their face.

Simple. That`s nothing he wants from you. So, the customer now thinks, " You can say anything, but you have no control over my feelings for your products and services. "

Effective negotiators don`t assume and shoot blankly. They check by asking the right questions to understand what the other party might want. They sincerely ask what THEY CAN DO to give what the other side desires. They are INTERESTED to help. Their outcome is to HELP, not to assume and second-guess.

Now, the negotiator is ready to listen to you and tell you what he wants. That`s how you can negotiate with him.

Curious to find out more about how to negotiate like a pro and increase your personal influence with others for a powerful win-win using 1 simple technique?

I start to develop a good habit of asking the right question of finding the negotiator`s unsatisfied needs. I stop assuming that he must want what I have. Instead, the better strategy is to ask him what he needs and get him to be interested in asking for what he wants.

See you soon in my next Power Tip #3 on the secrets that negotiators won`t tell you- part 2! Good luck and this is TK, remember, happy negotiating!

TK Chan
Certified NLP Master Practitioner
Corporate Sales Trainer

About TK
He is the founder, principal master trainer and NLP consultant of Fourth Quadrant Communications ( 4QC ), a training and speaking organization that conducts workshops and seminars for local and multinational companies in the key areas of personal success, value change, psychological sales negotiation, service loyalty, high-impact communication and leadership. You can view his latest blog at or write to him at for more info on his transformational training programmes.

Article Source: The Secrets That Negotiator Won`t Tell You - Part 1

Author: TK Chan

Tye Kooi CHAN is a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy and a Certified NLP Master Coach. He is a registered member of the American Board of NLP (ABNLP) and Time Line Therapy Association ( TLTA ), an associate trainer with the FMM Institute, a MIM-Certified Professional Trainer ( MIM-CPT ) with the Malaysian Institute of Management ( MIM ) and an active practitioner member of the Malaysian Psychotherapy Association (MPA).

TK is a full-time international trainer and speaker , a principal NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming ) consultant, principal and founder of Fourth Quadrant Communications ( 4QC ),a training specialist whose core mission is to help people create a BREAKTHROUGH CHANGE in their beliefs and behaviour to achieve BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS.
TK`s most prominent skills in helping his seminar participants to maximise personal effectiveness in change, sales, service, communications and building business network are his INFLUENCING, NEGOTIATION and RELATIONSHIP POWER based upon the technology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Dodano: 2008-11-30

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