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Top 5 Beauty Jobs

If you are interested in entering the beauty industry, then one of these beauty jobs may work for you. Some require you to complete a training course and receive a license before you can begin working.

If you are interested in entering the beauty industry, then one of these beauty jobs may work for you. Some require you to complete a training course and receive a license before you can begin working. This is to ensure that you have specific knowledge about your area of expertise because you may have to deal with certain chemicals and substances, so it's important to know how to handle them. Not all require you to receive certification, and the best part is that you can help others like yourself improve their appearance and gain confidence.

From what I've seen over the years, it truly takes a positive attitude, professionalism, and passion to succeed at anything, including the field of beauty. When others come to you to help them feel beautiful, always keep in mind that beauty begins with a smile and upbeat personality. It will help new clients feel comfortable with you, and that could mean good business in the long run.

Nail Technician

Also called a manicurist/pedicurist, this technician helps improve the condition of the nails by cleaning, shaping, and polishing. Nail Technicians can also trim cuticles and educate their customer on overall nail health. Most tend to work in nail salons and spas, and provide services that include gel nails, wraps, acrylic nails, and design decorations. The required certification program is provided at a nearby cosmetology school or one that specializes in nail care and design. The program involves a lab where students can gain experience working with real customers while preparing to receive the necessary license to practice. It is mandatory that manicurists be licensed, and they are required to renew/update their license after a certain number of years. Since most graduate from cosmetology school, it's common for them to offer waxing and massage services to their customers as well.

Makeup Artist

Use cosmetics to beautify the clients face and body. Makeup artists can work in various capacities including the cosmetics counter, runway, weddings, television and film, and photo shoots. A license and experience may be required depending on the area you are looking to work in. If you do not have a job with a particular company, the best way to gain work experience is by taking on freelance assignments. This is where you will gain a lot of practice and knowledge in working with different clients' skin type and face shapes. With theatrical makeup application, you will have to use makeup along with other required materials to alter the appearance of your subject. This is where completing your education at a cosmetology school - or one that specializes in theatrical makeup - is necessary. You need extraordinary training for anything having to do with working with a client whose job takes place in front of the camera or on stage. Lots of creativity is involved, and you must be able to transfer your vision onto the client for the required purpose. Having an outgoing and warm personality will help your client feel more secure and less vulnerable as they are waiting to see the results of your work. Compensation depends on the assignment, and length of the assignment, so having a second job will help you survive financially.

Hair Stylist (Beautician)

Hair Stylists work in the most demanding area of the beauty industry. Most stylists posses the creativity for complimenting their customer's face and personality with a hairstyle that's suitable for them. As a stylist it is your responsibility to have in-depth knowledge of hair care so that you know which products work best for different hair types and situations. This will help you maintain optimal health of the hair, which is the ultimate goal in pleasing your client. It is also very important to stay informed of the ever-evolving fashion industry and upcoming trends. The bulk of your clientele will want to stay up-to-date with the latest styles, and they will be relying on you to deliver the result they are seeking. Hair Stylists are required to have a license, which involves completing a training session at a nearby cosmetology school. Upon receiving your license, you may have to complete up to 600 hours of training, which includes both class and lab work. This experience will help you become comfortable in working with different types of hair and styling techniques. Having a great bedside manner (attitude) is a must in building a relationship with your clients. No matter what salon you work in, it's valuable to realize that clients are ultimately attracted to you and your skill.

Beauty Consultants

The most popular of all occupations, Beauty Consultant's don't need any type of certification or license to get work. There are some popular cosmetic and skin care lines that rely on independent consultants to provide products and services on their behalf. The consultant is skilled at identifying your skin type, and recommending products that are best suitable for your skin or desired look. The sign-up fee varies depending on the company, and sometimes the consultant is required to have products on-hand for potential customers to purchase. In this case, be prepared to front the necessary expense to get the products you need to get started. In turn the consultant will receive a percentage of the total sales amount, along with other possible prizes or compensation. Services have evolved to the point where a customer can simply order their desired products online through their representatives' site instead of the traditional method of needing the consultant to visit their home to deliver a brochure. To succeed in this business requires strong interpersonal skills and a positive personality. It's very important to be personable with your customer because you may be competing against other consultants in your area that work for the same/similar company.

Esthetician (Beauty Therapist)

A licensed professional, an esthetician provides specific skin care services including facials, body treatments, massages, and waxing. They are usually located in spas or salons, and have flexible work schedules. There are different levels of this occupation, which depends on education and skill. The more training and education you have, the more procedures you are allowed to perform on the job. Some are satisfied as the basic level, where others want to perform the more challenging duties, which is where the master esthetician level might work best. For career advancement, Medical esthetics is becoming more competitive, and will give you an advantage over the rest. It involves working with patients with disfiguring diseases, who want to learn makeup rehabilitation procedures.

Article Source: Top 5 Beauty Jobs

Author: Nedra Hines

Dodano: 2009-01-23
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