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If you encounter a billing mistake, follow certain procedures. Yes, do it! If you don't a customer may charge you a fine.

Terminologia medyczna

Przyrostki i przedrostki w terminologii medycznej. Przykłady i definicje.

Terminologia Medyczna: przedrostki

a-, an- lacking, without anemia – lack of blood
aphasia – without
ad- near, toward adrenal – near the kidney
anti- against anticoagulant – prevent
blood clotting
ect-, ecto- outsider ectoderm – outer skin
end-, endo- inner, within endodontium – dental
hyper above, beyond hypertension – high blood pressure
hyp-, hypo- under, deficient hypothermia – low body temperature
inter- between intercostal – between the rib
intra- within intravenous – within a vein
neo- new neonate – newly born
poly- many polydipsia – excessive thirst
sub- under sublingual – beneath the

Terminologia Medyczna: przyrostki

-algia pain neuralgia – pain in nerves
-ectomy cut out appendectomy – removal of the appendix
-emia blood condition anemia - lack of blood
-esis, -osis, -y, -ia, -ity condition, state scoliosis – spine curvature
-gram, - graphy written, record mammogram – x-ray of breast
-ites, -itis inflammation carditis – inflammation of heart
-oma tumor lymphoma – lymph tissue
-penia lack of glycopenia – sugar
deficiency in tissues
-plasty surgical shaping rhinoplasty - nose
-pnea breathing apnea – cessation in breathing
-stomy surgical opening tracheostomy – into the trachea
-scopy to examine cystoscopy - bladder

Dodano: 2009-02-09

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