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English Tip

Put some English expressions in your advertisements, even if they're mainly in your native language. In some cases English quotes make you look more professional.

Slang lotniczy - Lotnictwo

oxygen mask on Airbus aircraft
an aviation enthusiast
armchair pilot
the cockpit of an airplane piloted by a woman
box office
praise for a good job
bravo Zulu
an overweight airline passenger
customer of size
jet fuel or coffee
go juice
bad weather that makes it impossible to see
a mission, or flight
where you catch the wires
in the Spaghetti
asylum-seekers, refugees, or immigrants who r
jet people
a dead body traveling as airplane cargo
Jim Wilson
SLF (Self Loading Freight)
an aggressive pilot

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Słówka / Wyrażenia dnia

  1. bulkhead
    Gródź wodoszczelna
  2. perjury
  3. batch number
    numer partii (towaru)
  4. inert gas
    gaz szlachetny
  5. Three-way cock
    kurek trójdrogowy
  6. entrance