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Be sure that local law permits the business you're about to run. Some states have special restrictions on specific wares. Not-knowing the law is not the freedom from it.

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  • Honeymoon Packages in Brazil

    Honeymoon can be described as a traditional holiday which is generally celebrated by the newly wed couple to discover their marital status in intimacy and seclusion.

  • How to be polite in business?

    Showing politeness reflects a level of professionalism in business. Here are some tips for staying polite in a business world.

  • Welcome to Tokyo - Welcome to a New World

    Tokyo is not a city for the hurried tourist making a quick stopover en route to other destinations in Japan. Tokyo comes as a real surprise to most travelers. Much more than a city, it is a completely different world. When visitors to Japan first arrive at Narita International Airport, they...

Słówka / Wyrażenia dnia

  1. agreement period
    okres umowy
  2. palooka
    a stupid or clumsy person
  3. engineering
    inżynieria wojskowa
  4. salmon
  5. two-lane road
    droga dwupasmowa
  6. Dump car