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Designing a Custom Ecommerce Website

The cost of an ecommerce website design is a bit more than a standard static website. When considering a website development needs, one may wonder if there are easy ways around in getting an ecommerce design for a website.

One can use his website as a lead generation tool without actually conducting financial transactions online. If one uses his website for lead generation rather than getting an ecommerce design for his website, he will have many manual tasks to accomplish that will be time consuming.

One can use a contact form, email, a fax line, or a phone number for accepting orders who offer payment options such as sending in a check or money order or providing a credit card number by phone. If a website does not have such option then the visitors or the customers of the website don`t take it in a positive way. If the sale and purchase process is complicated then many people will just visit the website and then simply turn on to the next alternative website.

Sometimes one has to manually process orders and payments & matching

of the order to the payment can be a complicated task some times, so your order fulfillment process might be inefficient. This will result in poor customer service, angry customers and negativity against the reputation of your business. Ecommerce website design has one benefit which is the use of Pay Pal`s automated payment features. Pay Pal enables you to place immediate order buttons on your website which will enable your customers to make online payments at that very instant through your Pay Pal account.

This is a wonderful option which lets transferring of money from one account to another. However, a website with an ecommerce design will likely to be much more appealing to the website visitors. The benefits of an ecommerce design are that it enables your customers to place orders quickly and easily, especially if you have a shopping cart feature in your ecommerce design. Much number of products or services can be purchased at one time, the order (including tax and shipping) can be automatically totaled, and the customer can make an online payment for the complete order.

Article Source: Designing a Custom Ecommerce Website

Author: Anirban Bhattacharya

This article has been contributed by the webmaster of http://www.synapse.co.in - An advanced seo services India offers PPC services India, customized software development, Internet marketing services India, Link Building services India, ecommerce website design India and much more.

Dodano: 2008-11-30
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