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Examine your advertising brochures and leaflets thoroughly. Use any available trick to get attention of your customers and develop your own advertising marks and methods.

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  • How Your Audience Can Affect Your Presentation

    You`ve practiced your script; you know your material; you`re excited about your upcoming speaking engagement; all is right with the world; but your audience`s reaction to you is less than stellar.

  • Hotel Management Tips For General Managers

    Regardless of other responsibilities, and you have plenty, the management of employees in a hotel setting is the most crucial and the most difficult. Knowing how to care for your employee leads to excellent care of customers, and these hotel management tips for general managers will help to steer you...

  • Welcome to Tokyo - Welcome to a New World

    Tokyo is not a city for the hurried tourist making a quick stopover en route to other destinations in Japan. Tokyo comes as a real surprise to most travelers. Much more than a city, it is a completely different world. When visitors to Japan first arrive at Narita International Airport, they...

Słówka / Wyrażenia dnia

  1. brazing iron
    lutownica, kolba lutownicza
  2. iron
  3. Main Customs Office
    Główny Urząd Ceł
  4. number plate
    tablica rejestracyjna
  5. duration
    czas trwania
  6. fence